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Book your tour at Naples Wedding Barn here!

Tours are by appointment only please.


Prior to requesting a tour, please review our available dates and confirm that our rental fee is a match for your total wedding budget. We only give tours during the week as we have events on the weekends.


Please invite anyone to the tour who needs to see the venue in person  Instead of private second tours, we ask that couples and their families attend one of our monthly open houses, so it's great to bring them along to the first tour instead of having to wait for an open house if possible.   

Almost everything we discuss at a tour is actually on the website! We've found couples to be less overwhelmed by new information at tours if they (and their friends/family in attendance) take a good look at the site before arriving.  That way you are just soaking in the beautiful view when you get here.

If you are ready to book a tour, click on a blue date below to get scheduled!

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