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The Great Gatsby

We’ve developed just the right formula to energize your corporate events and get your attendees on their feet. From Company Milestones, Awards Ceremonies and Recognition Programs to Individualized Parties, we have the team in house that is ready and able to help you manage it all.

Something that truly entertains your valuable employees? 

Come take a look at one of the most exciting fun filled evenings you can have in beautiful Naples, Fl. 

Something BOLD

Something FUN


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Crap table.jpg


The sounds of cards whirring in the hands of the dealers.  The playground of neon and strobing lights. The murmur of the crowds. The clicking of a roulette wheel, the way red and black rush together as it spins.  The high rollers in their suits gliding like sharks, the man sobbing in the corner because he's lost everything. The rough-brushed feel of the green felt on the craps table, and the soft tumble of the dice.

The exalted shout: "Winner winner, chicken dinner!"

Flair Bartender.jpg

Flair Bartender

A flair bartender is the perfect addition to a party that wants to offer more than just cocktails, flair bartending is all about entertaining!

Unlike traditional bartenders, our flair bar staff crew have dedicated their careers to learn every aspect of the beautiful art called mixology. Therefore allowing us to create amazing cocktails, combined with an exiting and entertaining environment!

Braised Short Rib.jpg


Imagine a corporate party as a special opportunity to show your employees how much you appreciate them. This is where high-end catering can be a great opportunity to treat your employees with special occasion foods that will make them feel like royalty. The needs and requests of your employees (tastes, allergies, diets, etc.) This selection allows you to create a customized menu from multiple vegetables, meats, shellfish, fruit, desserts, and combinations between them. 

cigar roller.jpeg

Cigar Roller

Cigar rolling is a skilled vocation in which a skilled individually hand roll cigars, by wrapping tobacco leaves around bunches. There are different sizes of cigars, therefore a cigar roller has to be meticulous about measuring and cutting each one to perfection.

Call us for more information about how we can take your corporate event, to the next level!

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